CEAOD Upload Guide

CEAOD Upload Guide

Please follow these steps to upload your dataset to the CEAOD platform.

1. Sign in/up to GitHub

We use GitHub, a widely used open source platform, as our underlying data storage platform. So, if you don't already have an account on GitHub, please register one at https://github.com. (It takes seconds to sign up for a GitHub account.)

2. Fork the CEAOD/Data repository

In GitHub, fork means that you're copying the official data repository to your own account. You can change your forked repository however you want without mistakenly damaging the official repository. In the later step, after you upload your data to the forked repository, you can request your changes to be reviewed and merged into the official repository.

Go to the official data repository (https://github.com/CEAOD/Data) and click Fork. Let's call it MyCEAOD .

3. Upload your dataset(s)

On your computer

Then, within your forked repository (i.e. MyCEAOD)

  • Go to the parent directory under which you intent to upload your data
  • Drag and drop your local data folder to this web folder

4. Review and commit changes

Review your uploaded data and commit the changes that you're making to MyCEAOD. Add a short message to your commit. A commit is basically a confirmation of your upload or change. You can keep editing by adding a new commit on top of your previous commit(s). It's similar to a blockchain without being a blockchain.

5. Review Request

After making changes (after step #4), create a pull request to ask CEAOD's admins to review your changes. Our review is mostly making sure that you follow our data guidelines.

That's it! ✌